Monday, January 11, 2010

A Calling to Lightworkers to Anchor Diamond Consciousness into Our World

Awakening your Diamond Potential while expanding Diamond Consciousness on the Planet

Imagine tens of thousands of Lightworkers, Spiritual Healers and Conscious Beings across the globe coming together, in our Hearts and in our Higher Consciousness, to receive a Sacred Cosmic Energy Transmission through the medium of cyberspace, which activates and aligns All with the Divine Power or Diamond Self within us. Imagine the impact it could have with so many of us living in Spiritual Consciousness, or what I call Diamond Consciousness, (conscious partnering with the Divine), that we raise the collective vibration of the Planet, and together, create enough energetic power to bring in the Divine Intervention we need to co-create a Diamond World ... a world where Spiritual Freedom and the Magic of the Sacred is infused in every aspect of our lives.

Diamond Alignment
is a Sacred Technology that makes Calling the Divine Presence into the human experience possible, as never before, on a global scale. It's a Divine Energy Transmission, delivered via the Internet, in a form that millions across the world can access 24 hours a day with no background or training required. The Diamond Alignment Activation is a convenient and profound, Divinely-inspired, multi-sensory online energy activation and guided meditation that clears your mind, relaxes your body and aligns you ... with the unspeakable Joy, deep Peacefulness and Unlimited Potential of your Divine Diamond Self Within, in just 6 minutes ... an unprecedented Self-Empowerment service for our demanding and accelerated times.

A Celebration of Inner Awakening, Spiritual Transformation and Inner Healing
Beginning December 21, 2009, I CALL you to join us in globally anchoring your Conscious Awareness of Diamond Light and Alignment into our world by accepting our heart-felt invitation to a 22-day virtual global Celebration of Diamond Alignment World Activation ... a time of Inner Awakening, Spiritual Transformation and Inner Healing. During the Celebration, unlimited access to the transcendent 6-minute online multi-sensory Diamond Alignment Experience is being offered for FREE to All, 24 hours a day, from December 21, 2009 through January 11, 2010.

My Mission for Diamond Alignment World Activation is: To accelerate a global shift into Diamond Consciousness through the global delivery of a Sacred Technology, Diamond Alignment, which vibrationally aligns individuals, communities and institutions with the Divine Presence and the natural flow of “Infinite Energy”, activating the Highest Diamond Potential of living in the natural radiance and Power of Diamond Joy, Equanimity, Freedom, Spiritual Fulfillment and Wealth of Being (the integration of Spiritual wealth and material abundance).

The 2012 Prophecy
We have a profound opportunity here to make a quantum leap in healing consciousness by the auspicious 2012 prophecy date, December 21, 2012, predicted by the Mayans, as a cross-roads moment in the history of our Planet. We are on a Divine journey together ... a great initiation process and Spiritual cleansing that has already begun to create this “critical mass” shift in global consciousness. Over the next three years, through Diamond Alignment, we can continue to build a momentum of Diamond Consciousness and Joy, that activates the Diamond Blueprint of our world’s Highest Potential and uplifts the human experience globally.

Raising Consciousness on the Planet
"Diamondizing" our Planet means raising the vibration and Spiritual Consciousness of our world by living in conscious partnership with the Divine Power or Diamond Self Within ... co-creating Heaven on Earth .... where individuals live in right relationship with their Higher Selves, with each other and with the Earth and we even engage in Sacred Business (Spirit-based business fueled by Divine Energy, Diamond Energy).
Participating in the celebration of Diamond Alignment World Activation aligns us individually and collectively with the brilliant, indestructible Diamond Within and ignites the profound Beauty and Power of our Joy, Inner Wisdom and Divine Purpose. As this Diamond Alignment spreads across the globe, the Diamond Vision for Humanity comes closer into view:
To see a world that is consciously connected and realigned with the Divine Power Within and the Infinite Light of “Source Energy” ... where all beings are living in their Highest Potential and Divine Purpose ... where pain, sorrow and suffering are transmuted into Joy, Equanimity and Freedom.
If you resonate with our Mission and Vision, please join us in activating the Diamond Alignment of our World!

I am passionately committed to accelerating a 'critical mass' into Diamond Consciousness through the global delivery of Diamond Alignment, a Sacred Technology. A spiritual warrior with a solid anchoring in the business world, I am using a new paradigm that I call "Sacred Business" to deliver the revolutionary online phenomenon of Diamond Alignment to individuals worldwide, in order to bring forth a world where pain, sorrow and suffering are transmuted into Freedom, Joy and Equanimity and all beings are living in their Highest Potential and Divine Purpose.

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