Saturday, October 2, 2010

90-Day Diamond Journey started today

The 90-day Diamond Journey started today with those beautful souls who have chosen to take their "Unequivocal YES" to the next level, by journeying with me daily on "LIVE" Tele-conference calls. Our Unified Field is encompassing Europe, East and West coasts in the US and Canada. A potent field it is!

Today we established the focus of this Journey:
My Diamond Energy Transmissions, Clearings and Activations during these 90 days will be accelerating and amplifying the embCodiment of Diamond Consciousness and Joy, so that the participants feel and experience the high-frequency of Diamond Consciousness and Joy IN THE BODY more deeply and constantly ...and also emanate the benevolent power of their unique Diamond Frequency to all around them.

The daily Diamond Transmissions are targeted to:
1. Release the lower human ego from the physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies
2. With gratitude and appreciation for the human ego getting us this far ... we are bringing the ego into the Cosmic Diamond Heart for an "upgrade" to its new job:
Too serve the Diamond "I AM" Presence.
3. Activate the "I AM" Presence (or Diamond Self within) to take dominion over the physial, etheric, emotional and mental bodies - so that we live more fully and consistently form the expansion and Freedom of the Unlimited Awareness and Presence of the Diamond Self.

Whew! A fabulous first day....we anchored deeply into the Magnetic Core of the Earth in our final ground more and have more ability to flow the Light of the "I AM" Presence through our physical cells and into the Earth...comfortably and gracefully.

I celebrate these Diamond Travelers - for their deep 90-Day commitment. They are surely accelerating the the global shift into Diamond Consciousness and Joy.

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