Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day 2 of 90-Day Diamond Journey

What a Joy it was today to travel with the participants of the 90-Day Diamond Journey. I celeberate their "Unequivocal YES" to the embodiment of their Diamond Consciousness and Joy!

Naturally on Day 2, the density that has been overlaying their true Self is beginning to release. This release has been felt as fatigue, worry about their family's reaction to their commitment to themselves, and more...

Using the "Diamond Field Clearing" and the OFFLINE "Diamond Alignment Activation" ...without any judgment or attachment to the density ... accelerate the release of the density, with grace and ease.

It's not about staying "perfectly in alignment" ... it's about cultivating the awareness of when you're out of Alignment and knowing how to come back as quickly as possible. This 90 days is about making the practice of "Diamond Field Clearing" and "Diamond Aligning" as natural and automatic as that it is possible to return to the Joy and Freedom of Diamond Consciousness ... anytime, anywhere matter what!

This Journey is not for the faint of Heart. Theses Beings are Spiritual Warriors....who, by the way, are paving the way for YOU to follow, in the Truth and Joy of your Diamond Consciousness.

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