Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 3 of The 90-Day Diamond Journey

Today I danced and danced again after being with the Diamond Warriors who have commited to journey with me into the embodiment of Diamond Consciousness for 90 days!
Their "Unequivocal YES" turns me on so strongly that I must dance! There is no greater JOY for me than supporting people to bring more Diamond Light into their body and their lives.

Many are taking naps during the day...a beautiful and elegant way to integrate the very high frequency that is flooding their cells from the Diamond Energy Transmissions that they are receiving "LIVE" each day.

We held many of the beloveds who have left this Physical Plane in the Diamond Light today ...sending them our LOVE and support (and asking them for their LOVE and SUPPORT which we need from their Unlimited state). We used the Diamond as our Cosmic Telephone - to experience and feel a very clear connection to them.

Today's emphasis was keeping our vibration at its Diamond clearing our Energy field anytime we feel out of our Diamond Flow AND then re-aligning in the Diamond.

"Keeping our field clear" and "staying aligned with our Higher Consciousness" are KEYS to maintaining a strong flow of our Diamond frequency!
This FLOW is JOY in the BODY...Equanimity...Clarity in the Mind and Body...FUN...Grace...Ease...Gratitude...Freedom...Wealth of Being...and all of this is LIVING IN DIAMOND CONSCIOUSNESS!

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