Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 6 Diamond 90-day Journey

Today was a great day of focusing on the frequency of Diamond Expansion...feeling and experiencing this Expansion in Silence, in spaciousness in the body, and in time (what I call "Diamond Time" - when 6 hours of work can be done in 10 minutes - Magically). We called upon this phenomenon of Diamond Consciousness today to expand our ability to get more done in much less time, to allow greater Flow of our Galactic Signature (our true Vibration) through our cells, to facilitate the de-coagulation of congealed energies and patterns that are being released and to consciously create more space for the DIAMOND "I AM" Presence to deepen in our physical, Etheric, emotional and mental bodies. By receiving the Transmission of Diamond Expansion, it is activated in our Consciousness ... and it is from this expansive space of pure potentiality that physical shifts take place in our bodies and in our lives Magically.

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