Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 9 of Diamond Journey 10-10-10

The Archangels are blessing me profoundly on this auspicious day of 10-10-10 with a very special second visit in 1 month's time. I shared this sweet power with all of the Diamond Lovers on the 90-day Journey.

The number "10" symbolizes different things for many people.

For me, it represents many things:

"1" is the Magician - which surely we are in Diamond Alignment...joining up with the Divine Power of Heaven and Earth to create amazing and powerful results in our physical bodies and lives.

"1" is New Beginnings

"0" is the Fool - the Archetype that trusts the Divine so fully that It allow the flow of Universal Energy to flow freely through the body/mind without any consideration or holding back.

"0" is also the Great Void - Emptiness - Pure Potentiality from which all creation is birthed

"10" is the Wheel of Fortune

10 + 10 + 10 = 300 numberologically... "3" is the Goddess followed by 2 "zeroes" -
Flow, Flow, Flow of the Universal Goddess Energy (Spirit in Matter)!

Finally, "10" represents the ultimate gift of Diamond Alignment: Wealth of Being ... that is, wealth enjoyed at all levels:

Spiritual Wealth
Mental Wealth
Emotional Wealth
Physical Wealth
Financial Wealth

This all-pervading Wealth of Being is the frequency that emanates from every cell of our Being when we live in Alignment with our Diamond Consciousness and Joy.

And so today, with all of the Diamond Journey participants and their "Unequivocal YES", I did a 10:10 AM (California time zone) Diamond Activation of "Diamond Wealth of Being" - amplifying the frequency of Diamond Wealth of Being in every cell.
We collectively broadcasted this frequency to all of humanity throughout the Planet.

I will do a second Activation at 10:10 PM!

Archangel Gabriel, Uriel, Michael, Metatron and Raphael are power-boosting these Diamond Transmission AND Jupiter is still very close to our beloved Planet Earth...flooding the Earth and all of us with its "expansion" and "abundance" energy.

Get ready for the tangible effects of Diamond Wealth of Being rocking this Planet!

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