Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 13 of Diamond 90-day Journey

Today we explored the vibration of "33"... which is the vibration of the Diamond.
"33" is also the vibration of Christ Consciousness.

The Christ Consciousness that we are speaking of is the Cosmic Energy of that is not a sweet feeling, but rather LOVE as a current, an Energy that has the power to transform anything that is not IT -into IT - as Light transforms a dark room.

"33" is a Master Number, considered an upper octave of Venus ... It indicates a teacher of teachers. Those who are vibrating at "33" are required to to spread their light and be of service on the Planet.

No doubt, those who are strongly attracted to Diamond Alignment are strongly resonant with the "33" vibration...especially those who are saying such a large "YES" to the Diamond Energy...having committed to this 90-day Diamond Journey.

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