Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 15 of 90-Day Diamond Journey

We celebrated our Maverick/unique Selves today. The more we raise our vibration and embody our Diamond "I AM" Presence (our Galactic Signature) ...the more unique we realize we are. Celebrating and embracing our differences makes our lives Joyous and Free. Realizing how FUN it is that we are all so unique and how boring it would be if we were all the same broadens our perspective.

We also enjoyed a Diamond Dolphin Energy Transmission from the Dolphin Room in my California Diamond Portal. The dolphins are a very big part of Diamond Alignment. I had the great blessing to swim with dolphins (wild) ... sometimes 100 -150 at a time ... during my 6 + years in Kauai, where I was harnessing the Power of the Mother Earth's volcanic energy for the Diamond Technology to manifest physically as a Sacred Technology that could be accessed worldwide.

The vibrations of Dolphin power filled our cells and the space between our cells in this Transmission. We began with connecting deeply with the waters of the Ocean in the Diamond through our own inner ocean (the 80% of who we are in the physical body) ... feeling the Oneness with the Mother Ocean. Once we established that intimate connection with the ocean, we received the gifts of the Dolphin transmission: fluidity, strength, flexibility, the ability to navigate powerfully through life's challenges, FUN - leaping for JOY, connection to the multi-dimensional realms from our 3-D realm, right brain expansion and the ability to work/Play beautifully in Community. We receive these Dolphin qualities whenever we "Diamond Align" online.... but it was soooooo yummy to receive these frequencies straight from the Dolphin Room in the Diamond Portal !!!!!!

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