Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 19 of 90-Day Diamond Journey

How do we go back out into the world and make money and maintain the integrity of our Heart, Soul and body?

This was the hot topic today with my fellow Diamond Travelers. Many of those who are on the spiritual path, have left corporate jobs and succeeding in competitive market places to develop their spiritual side and nurture "spent" bodies. Attaining success in the business world left many "empty" inside, or even "decaying inside" as one Diamond Traveler described it.

Having taken the time off to grow spiritually, now they are faced with going back out into the world to create financial flow to take care of their physical needs. The question haunts them ... Can I maintain the high frequency/consciousness that I have worked to attain when I enter the world of business again?

Another haunting question many are also considering: What they can do that is "soul full" and fulfilling - not just making money.

After 20 + years of being the "model of success" in the outer world - financially and other wise - and then turning within (after a major collapse) to focus on developing my inner world and the embodiment of my Diamond Consciousness ... I was ultimately called to merge all of my aspects, talents and development to bring Diamond Alignment into the world as a Sacred Business.

While it appears that I am again in is actually the highest Spiritual Path I have ever experienced. Every moment of the day I am called to conscious awareness of balancing my previous "driven" business side with Self Care and Self Nurturance (which means focus and attention on the embodiment of my Diamond Consciousness).

In my perspective, this is the next level of evolution in Consciousness that many are now being called to ... merging all of our aspects, bringing congruency and integrity into all parts of our create true "Wealth of Being": a phenomenon that occurs when the Magic of the Sacred is infused throughout our lives. This "Wealth of Being" is a quality of life fulfillment that grows from the inside-out… from a state of such profound Peace, profound Sweetness and profound Expansion that we are not dependent on anything external. In this Connection and Alignment with our Diamond Consciousness, we experience wealth from the inside-out…with the richness of our inner world reflected in our outer life.

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