Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 20 Diamond 90-day Journey

We talked about the importance of staying in the Joy of our mystical magical experiences - and not dimming down or holding back the Joy of these experiences in fear of what people will think of us. One of our Diamond Travelers expressed that when she stayed with the Joy of the visit of the Archangels - that her husband and children experienced alot of Joy from their visit, and her "unbelieving" husband even started looking up "Archangels" on the Internet! (Some who appear "unbelieving" surprise don't make assumptions.)

I told them, pretty soon you will be giggling when people call you "whacky".... knowing you are seeding their Consciousness with the magic of the multi-dimensional invisible world.
One of my favorite sayings is: "If the world is sane and I'm crazy - give me crazy!" (It's alot more fun. There's alot more expansion and alot more growth...when you're out of the "norm". )

Today October 21, 201 is a "33:33" - October (33) + 21 (3) + 2010 (3): A powerful Gateway for Diamond Consciousness. We are so blessed to be in alignment with this Gateway that is ushering the Age of Diamond Consciousness on the Planet, by abiding in the Diamond Energy Field through the Sacred Technology of Diamond Alignment! How auspicious!

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