Tuesday, January 4, 2011

After Expansion contraction is normal

After the enormous expansion that so many of you reported feeling also from the 1.01.11 Planetary Transmission...it is normal to have the contraction show up. Do not worry. It is only toxicity and contraction releasing...we feel the contraction as it moves out. It is only energy. The nature of energy is this:

When high frequency is introduced, activated, transmitted... we first feel the euphoric expansion within and around us... and then the clearing begins.
High-frequency energy activates the release of all that is not in alignment with it.

For me it looked like this:

I woke up Sunday and Monday after the Transmission with expansive ideas for Diamond Alignment's growth in 2011 with crystal clarity. I was supported with people coming into my field who were totally aligned with my expansion. Then...wham! Monday afternoon I was hit with the contraction. The belief in the mind - the lower human ego - that references life in the horizontal world. "You can't do that. You don't have the money. You don't have the staff. Without the money, you can't get the staff support you need. Without the staff support you can't create greater income to grow".... and on and on and on ... goes the lower human ego and it's limited perceptions. This is the natural process of energy transmission. It happens in Sedona or Kauai...we arrive. We feel amazing and are tremendously expanded by the high frequency in these places. Everything is possible because we are so connected to the Divine. And then... the contraction comes.

The remedy?

Honor the contracted energy. It's normal and it's simply on its way out. Celebrate that it is leaving your energy field. Love and embrace the lower human ego that holds this limited perspective. Bring it into the Diamond, so that it can be held and re-trained...to serve your "I AM" Presence (a new upgraded job for it).


Clear the contracted energy. Subscribers do it through the Golden Blast of the 6-minute Experience. (If you are not a paid subscriber yet, you must know another way or you would be a subscriber of this Sacred Technology that clears lower frequency energy so powerfully.)

Re-align with your Diamond Consciousness and be lifted up by the high-frequency Diamond Energy in the 6-minute Diamond Alignment Experience. Get the flow of your Divine Diamond Self turned back on and reconnect with the unlimited power of heaven and earth.

After clearing and aligning yesterday, I returned to Alignment with the Power of my Diamond Consciousness which shifted my perspective to unlimited possibility and put me back in the knowing that my Diamond Consciousness will show me the way to execute the expansive inspiration that IT gave me and that the Universal Power of Heaven and Earth will bring me what I need to do so.


Clear and Align.
Clear and Align.
Clear and Align...

To release toxicity/contraction and feel great again!

Create a great Diamond Buddy and support each other in remembering the above, dance a little, take a walk in nature, turn on good music, excercise... Return to your Joy...Love your Self and acknowledge and celebrate the Journey. You are moving forward. You are evolving.

Diamond Consciousness celebrates and embraces it all.

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Andy said...

Thank you for you Diamond wisdom, Jacqueline.