Thursday, January 6, 2011

Healing the split between Spiritual and Material Wealth

The world is under extreme economic stress because we are evolving. As Souls we are causing a complete revamping of consciousness around money. We, who are aligning with our Diamond Consciousness through Diamond Alignment, are healing the split between Material and Spiritual Wealth, by staying aligned and KNOWING that when we are aligned with Divine Power, and Call for that power to manifest in the physical ... It will. When we fall out of Alignment, we can experience the split I speak of during financial challenge... and judge those who have flow of money: "Money is not spiritual." In Diamond Consciousness, everything is Divine Energy ... including money. How can money - the most powerful physical influence on the Planet NOT be Divine Energy .. when everything else is?

I have been in the trenches in the last 2 1/2 years with everyone who has been suffering financially ... experiencing economic challenge as never in my life (my home has been in foreclosure). I Know that my Soul is experiencing this challenge because I, through the use of the Diamond Technology, am called to bring Light and Truth to this very dark place ... this "split" in consciousness between Spiritual and Material Wealth. I, like all of you, was born with the Knowing that the Divine is our Source. Because of severe infant trauma where my physical needs were not met, my Soul retained the knowing that Source/Divine Energy is the source of all that I need physically. I stayed alive from Energy ... not physical nourishment. Because of this Knowing, I have lived in total Trust in the Divine for all that I need. In this Trust, I used ALL of the finances I co-created from my connection to the Divine (millions) to bring Diamond Alignment to individuals worldwide. Because of the economic collapse in 2008 (right after Diamond Alignment went "LIVE" on the Internet) and the ensuing fear that gripped humanity ... it has taken far longer than anticipated for Diamond Alignment to get financially solvent.

My Diamond Warrior work has been to blaze the trail and cause financial flow from alignment with my Diamond Consciousoness ... to demonstrate that in staying aligned with the Divine Power financial flow returns. I have been CALLING FOR DIVINE INTERVENTION FOR ALL HUMANITY ... to pierce the illusion that money is separate from the Infinite Flow of the Divine.
There is HOPE! I am experiencing a breakthrough in financial flow... and this breakthrough is being transmitted to all the world vibrationally through Diamond Energy Transmissions via the Internet.

Diamond Energy Transmissions activate our alignment with Diamond Consciousness and Joy ... and keep us focused on the Divine to source our Wealth of Being in the physical world. We remember to Call on the Divine for the financial flow, listen to the guidance of the Divine within, be fueled to right action by the Divine ... knowing that Divine Enegy will then flow through people and circumstances in the horizontal world to answer us.

Staying aligned with the Divine is the only way through this darkness. Riding on the work I am doing through the delivery of Diamond Energy Transmissions, is a major way to get an energetic "hand up"/accleration in consciousness on the issue of financial flow. However, your own focus and your insistent Call to the Divine is needed also. It will accelerate the answer for you and all mankind.

Staying open to receive is another major KEY to causing the breakthrough in financial flow we are talking about. When things are as challenging as they are now, the lower human ego naturally "contracts" out of fear, disheartenment and even anger at the Divine for not showing up in the physical ... when it comes to money. This contraction keeps the flow of the Divine out.

A great way to accelerate your breakthrough on receiving greater financial flow is to experience the "Special Diamond Packages" titled "Expanding to Receive" and "Financial Flow". These packages include powerful Diamond Transmissions through Tele-Classes, Remote clearings and Diamond Activations to open up your flow. You will be able to listen to the audios and receive the Transmissions as often as you like.
You can find these at:

Using the Diamond Intention Cards to get clear and specific about what you desire is another way to cause your breakthrough. Having your desires/intentions held in Alignment with the Divine by the Diamond accelerates the removing of your blocks to receiving and manifesting what you desire. You can find these at:

My strongest counsel as we navigate through this transformation of the entity called money, is to keep your vibration high and your energy field clear of the collective fear and denser energies with your Diamond Alignment Activations twice a day ONLINE. Together, as a worldwide Diamond Community, we will heal the split between Spiritual and Material Wealth, and create true Wealth of Being in our lives ... wealth enjoyed at all levels; spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically AND financially.


Andy said...

Thank you for all of your Diamond wisdom, Jacqueline.

Bhawna said...

Thank you for sharing your own experiences. It deeply inspires us. It also reassures that you are a regular person like us but have extraordinary grit and passion for your work. We can strive to reach your level by following your guidance. Wishing you an unprecedented prosperous n fulfilling year ahead!

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Hi Jacqueline, thank you for your perspective - Ben

Unknown said...

Hi Jacqueline, thanks for your perspective!

Jacqueline Joy, Founder said...

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Jacqueline Joy, Founder said...

Test post - Ben

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