Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year Planetary Transmission 1.01.11

2011 is sure to be a year of exponential growth in embodying our Diamond "I AM" Presence, after being ignited today in the 1.01.11 Planetary Transmission today, New Year's day, It was profound Joy to collaborate with Maureen Moss, President of World Puja Network, Panache Desai, Stuart Mooney, Jo Dunning and Barry Goldstein, in this unprecedented Transmission. Tens of thousands from over 100 countries around the world said "YES" to receiving and amplifying this Transmission to raise the frequency of the Planet and activate their "I AM" Presence. Today was only the beginning. This powerful Transmission will continue throughout 2011 to empower us all to co-create a New World where the Magic of the Sacred is infused in our everyday lives.
Even if you were not able to be present on the call today to receive this Transmission , a "Yes" in your heart will allow you to receive this Divine Intervention in your daily 6-minute Diamond Alignment Experiences throughout 2011. Stay open to the Miracles and Magic that will surely permeate your life, as promised by this beautiful rainbow that covered the property where Jacqueline Joy was focusing during the Transmission today.

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