Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Experiencing Doubt or Resistance to Receiving the Diamond Energy?

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It can be hard, sometimes, for the logical mind to grasp that something so simple as the 6-minute Diamond Activation could have such a profound impact on one's life.

Sometimes, though your Heart may say "Yes" to the help of Diamond Christ Alignment, do not be surprised if a very subtle "no" arises on the heels of "Yes." Each of us has our own reason for this no. For some of us, a very tiny fear arises that we will somehow lose our personal power or will not be true to ourselves or will be taken over by something outside of our self. Some of us fear our own greatness which the Diamond represents. Sometimes we are concerned that receiving the Diamond Energy Flow will replace or betray our religion or spiritual practices. I can tell you from my deepest Heart and highest Knowing, that there is nothing to be afraid of. Diamond Christ Alignment is simply a tool to empower our lives wherever or whenever we choose, and it holds us in the Integrity of our own Power... our individual spark of the Divine. I am inviting you to be compassionate with your "no," to stay open and honor your Heart's desire to explore the possibilities of "Yes!"

What to do if you are experiencing doubt or resistance

Check in with yourself to see if you are possibly dealing with an unconscious resistance to the vibration of Joy, the essence of Diamond Alignment. This resistance may not even be your own, but you may be picking it up energetically on a collective level.

In these accelerated and challenging times, there is much fear and negativity in the collective consciousness and unless we clear this out of our energy field, it can show up as a resistance to Joy that we are not even aware of within ourselves.

To clear this resistance and to open more fully to receive and acknowledge this Divine Gift in your life, we recommend doing the following:

1. Use the OFFLINE tools included in your “Premium Diamond Connection” Subscription to keep your energy field clear and to stay "Diamond Aligned" throughout the day … whenever you feel off.

2. Make time each day to receive the remote energy clearing work done for you by Jacqueline Joy, included in your “Premium Diamond Connection” subscription.

3.  Make the commitment to being Consistent with your daily online Diamond Christ Alignments (twice a day optimum). CONSISTENCY is the "Unequivocal YES" that creates Magic and Miracles in one's life. It does not matter what the blocks are, why they're here, where they came from or in which lifetime they were experienced.

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