Wednesday, September 9, 2020

The Magenta Power of the Diamond!

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The Magenta Pyramid Structure

The color frequency of Magenta is the frequency that is the UNION of the Masculine and Feminine Principles. It is the opposites of the color spectrum (infrared, being the Earth energy and ultraviolet, being the Spirit energy), brought together.

When these 2 frequencies come together they blend, merge and become Magenta. The Magenta color represents the Feminine and Masculine Forces of the Universe in a perfect balance of Higher Heart Love. Thus we have the chamber where Divine "Mom and Dad" hold the space for our True Divine "Magical Child" to blossom. This Golden Child radiates out from the heart center and we begin to live from this Higher Heart center.


The Magenta Pyramid in the Diamond serves 3 functions:

1.  The Sacred Geometry of the Magenta Pyramid form accelerates and amplifies energy and thus shifts us out of the limitation of time and space in the 3rd Dimension. Energy in our 3rd Dimension on Earth is slower and therefore denser than the Higher Realms. By having the Diamond Chamber installed, we more easily integrate with our 5th Dimensional Higher frequency (Higher Self, Soul, God-Self). Now we are in alignment with who we Fully are and what our purpose on the Planet is. We are in integrity with our True Self and experience our Wholeness. At this level there are no limitations of time, space, personality, old programming, etc. MIRACLES can occur when we work in this unlimited higher energy field with conscious choice (which is our power).

2.  The Diamond surface of the Magenta Pyramid creates and preserves the Integrity of our Energy field. The Diamond is the most highly evolved crystal on the Earth. It is made of the most perfect element, carbon. It is the basic structure of all life and the most indestructible - the hardest of all gems. This is why it serves as a perfect energetic shield. It keeps our energy IN, so we are not leaking our own great life force out to others unintentionally. Therefore, it gives us the safety and comfort of truly opening up (especially at the Heart level where we are most protected). This clarity of our field enables us to hear the Higher Self as never before and live from "Diamond Consciousness".

3.  With its amazing brilliance, the Diamond reflects the powerful Higher Heart Love-Magenta frequency that we are working with, to others and to our planet for healing and transformation. In the Diamond, we become "Receivers" and "Broadcasters" simultaneously of this exquisite energy. So, not only are we working at the level of Self (our microcosm) we are also working in Service, at the Planetary Level (the macrocosm), with our daily broadcasting of this Higher Heart Love (from our Fullness) to the world around us. Our conscious intention to radiate this Love frequency, of course, makes it all the more powerful.

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