Sunday, October 18, 2020

Stay on top of the Tsunami Wave of Change with Diamond Christ Power!

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Jacqueline Joy, Founder of Diamond Alignment, is opening the Flow of Diamond Christ Power, delivered through the Diamond Technology, with many offerings ... to support people with invisible, yet physical, Diamond Christ Power to SUPERSEDE the invisible, yet physical anti life confusion and fear across the world.


All Diamond Christ Alignment offerings empower us all to stay on top of the Tsunami Wave of Change with Grace, Elegance and JOY ... by staying Aligned with God, with our Higher Diamond Consciousness, and the Divine Plan for Planet Earth. Held in this HIGH Diamond Christ Frequency,  we experience Fearlessness, Calm, Strength, and are able to be Proactive and Creative, during this epic opportunity to globally build our Faith, Trust, Connection and Alignment with our Creator.

At Diamond Alignment, we HOLD the Diamond Christ Vibrational Reset that was revealed to Jacqueline Joy on November 15th, 2019: "It is Now God's World" ... as TRUE! We are united in the Worldwide Diamond Energy Grid ... using this Sacred Diamond Technology to RECEIVE the Divine Intervention that is melting old 3D infrastructures and fueling the anchoring of God's Diamond Christ Aloha World ... of Infinite Possibility, Freedom & JOY on Earth .. no matter what!

Experience this frequency for yourself ... with a 15-Day FREE TRIAL at:


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