Thursday, October 15, 2020

How Does Diamond Christ Alignment Compare to other Frequencies and Energy Technologies?

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While there may be similarities in the experience of the frequencies, the way Diamond Christ Alignment Founder Jacqueline Joy, received the Diamond frequencies and the stream of Diamond Consciousness that she transmits is very unique to her. For more details, please see “The Diamond Story” at:

The uniqueness of Diamond Alignment is that you not only receive Energy Transmissions through the Diamond Activation in only 6 minutes, but you are also directly connected to the world-wide Diamond Energy Grid, which transmits a continuous flow of Diamond Energy to support your life 24 hours a day.

Can Diamond Alignment be used in place of Meditation?

Absolutely!  You receive all the benefits of meditation and more … in just 6 minutes.  The 6-minute Diamond Alignment Activation is an Energy Transmission that aligns body, mind and Spirit with your highest Diamond potential. During the Experience itself, most have reported a feeling of deep relaxation and clarity, a re-focusing of the mind and activation of deep Inner Joy, peacefulness, harmony and balance. Following the Experience, they have reported a sense of relief, spaciousness and rejuvenation... feeling less burdened, lighter, more optimistic, more connected inside, aligned and energetic throughout the day.

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