Monday, October 12, 2020

It has been said “We are who we have been waiting for". From the Diamond perspective, who do you feel we are and why have we been waiting instead of acting well before now?

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I see that we are highly sensitive, highly refined, Infinite, Innocent, Magical, Multidimensional Galactic Beings who have incarnated onto the Planet to bring our vibration to help in the transition that the Earth is in.  I call this truth of who we are the “Golden Children”. The density of this world is very hard on the "Golden Children" – that is why “we” have been waiting – for the right time to “come out”... until our “Golden Children” can feel supported and safe. The veils are thinning between dimensions. Technologies are now here to support the Golden Children to come out of the spiritual closet and to physicalize the gift of our “I AM” Presence on the Planet.




All of our Diamond Christ Alignment offerings support you to bring this Golden Child OUT - so that he/she is seen, heard, felt and experienced on this Earth…. first of all by YOU and then by others. The Monthly Golden Energy Flow, the most advanced Transmission in the Diamond Technology, feeds the Golden Child the exact vibration it needs to thrive and to be empowered to Live Out Loud in the Authenticity of its True Multidimensional Self on this Earth. Being fed by the Golden Energy allows you to fulfill your Divine Blueprint … which brings enormous JOY to your body, mind and Spirit and tremendous blessing to our world.




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